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These online early childhood music lessons for toddlers are designed for little people aged 2-4 years to enjoy with their carer, in a mommy and me type format.  Together, we're teaching children the big concepts of music.  Fast and slow, loud and soft, high and low.  We do it with traditional songs and rhymes where they learn to use their voice to sing, as well as improve their gross motor skills through music and movement  activities.  It's a teriffic, easy access, affordable alternative to music classes for kids such as Kindermusik.

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Mini's is an awesome way to get kids started
Music classes for toddlers
Individual piano lessons for all ages
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About Me
I started teaching piano at the age of 18 creating a very successful home studio. I found teaching came really naturally to me and I enjoyed making a living doing something I loved. I have achieved my ATMusA in piano teaching and I also tutor woodwind as well as music theory. I've also studied methods such as Kodaly and Dalcroze. My greatest joy is teaching young children in group music classes. I love seeing little people grow in confidence and ability and many of them go on to become my piano students. I've found that over the last few years it has been harder and harder for Mum's and carers to get to music classes around other commitments and that's why I decided to move Mindset on Music for Mini's to online classes that are accessible for anyone to enjoy at any time.
Piano Tutor and early childhood music teacher
This is one of my favorite quotes because at times, we can get so caught up in not being good enough or 'best' at something.  In reality it just doesn't matter one bit. The important thing is we enjoy what we do.......every single day.
Music and movement classes for children


I regularly publish articles and create vlogs on all sorts of subjects in the areas of music learning, mindset and parenting. 
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